Daiko Takahashi Syntax Lab

Our lab belongs to Graduate School of International Cultural Studies, Tohoku University, located in Sendai, Japan.


Working within the framework of transformational generative syntax (sometimes called Minimalist syntax recently), we strive to discover the laws and mechanism of syntax of human language.

We are engaged in research on syntax of individual languages like Japanese, English, Chinese, etc. and on comparative syntax between Japanese and other languages such as English, Chinese, Turkish, Korean, Dravidian, Mongolian, Basque, etc

To give an example, we have been conducting a close examination of sentences in many languages including the ones mentioned above where some of their components such as subjects and objects are omitted, and we have discovered that there are very intricate and hence interesting variations among those languages. For instance, we have found that omitted subjects in Japanese behave differently from their counterparts in Basque, Chinese, Malayalam, and Turkish. We especially welcome applicants who share interest in such research with us.

Prospective applicants need to have proficiency in English (a score of 80 or more for TOEFL iBT or its equivalent in other English tests). It would be preferable for international applicants to have proficiency in Japanese (N1 or at least N2 in JLPT) as well.

For inquiries, send e-mail to daiko[at]tohoku.ac.jp (replace [at] with @).

Uncovering laws of syntax